Millbridge Subdivision

Millbridge Subdivision


Leeston, Canterbury


2014 - 2016

Asset Value:


CGW were the lead designers for this 50 lot subdivision for Horncastle homes in Christchurch. We designed the subdivision layout including all roading, services and infrastructure. We also undertook all the geotechnical investigations, site suitability reporting and then followed through with the construction monitoring and sign-off.

The key challenges on the TC2 type site were the difficult ground conditions, relatively high water table, and dealing with all the fill requirements to achieve a cost effective design. Being innovative about the selection of fill grades was critical, as was being able to maximise the reuse of existing fill from the site.

The result for the client is a subdivision that was able to be priced well and sold quickly in an area increasing in popularity south of Christchurch. CGW showed its versatility and capability in this project, being able to handle all aspects of the development throughout